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The location of the '''relative zero''' position is indicated by [[Image:Relative_zero.png]] in the drawing area.

The relative zero position will be set automatically when you create a new point.
You can use &quot;Set Relative Zero&quot; to set its location without creating a point.
&quot;Lock Relative Zero&quot; will prevent it from automatically changing.

The relative zero position gives the job of vector addition to the program. So if we create a point at 10,20 and want the next point at vector 30,40 from the last point we can use the &lt;code&gt;@&lt;/code&gt; symbol in the command line and enter &lt;code&gt;@30,40&lt;/code&gt;. The alternative would be doing the math and entering &lt;code&gt;40,60&lt;/code&gt;.

{| class=&quot;wikitable&quot;
! Mode
! Info
| [[File:Relzeromove.png|center|64x64px|frame|Set Relative Zero]]
| After pressing the icon, you can set the relative zero position the same way you would create a [[Points|point]].
| [[File:Relzerolock.png|center|64x64px|frame|Lock Relative Zero]]
| After pressing the icon, the relative zero position will not change when creating new points.

== Angles ==
There is another command line use case: you want to create a point 50 units from the relative zero and turned 60 degrees around it. 

Again we use the &lt;code&gt;@&lt;/code&gt; symbol and input &lt;code&gt;@50&lt;60&lt;/code&gt;.

[[Image:Selection 030.png|300px]]


== See also ==
* [[Points]]
* [[Coordinate system]]

      <page pageid="1097" ns="0" title="Scripting in LibreCAD">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">*Version 2 has only limited scripting support see [[Pseudo-Scripting_With_Excel]] for a workaround approach.
*Version 3 has [[LibreCAD_3_-_Lua_Scripting]]