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Actions, Tools and Commands


Action Tool Commands
DrawPoint Points po, point
DrawLine Line - 2 Points l, li, line
DrawPolyline Polyline - Polyline pl, polyline
DrawLineParallel Line - Parallel o, pa, offset, parallel
DrawArc3P Arc - 3 Points a, ar, arc
DrawCircle Circle - Center, Point ci, circle
DrawLineRectangle Line - Rectangle rec, rect, rectangle
DrawMText Tools - MText mtxt, mtext
DrawText Tools - Text txt, text
DrawHatch Tools - Hatch ha, hatch
DrawLineFree Freehand Line fhl, free
DrawSpline Spline spl, spline
DrawSplinePoints Spline Through points stp, spline2
DrawLineOrthogonal Line - Orthogonal ortho, perp
DrawLineVertical Vertical Line ver, vertical
DrawLineHorizontal Horizontal Line hor, horizontal
DrawEllipseInscribed Inscribed Ellipse ei, ie
DrawLineBisector Bisector bi, bisect
DrawLineTangent1 Tangent (P,C) tanpc, tangentpc
DrawLinePolygonCorCor Polygon (Cor, Cor) poly2, polygon2v
DrawLineParallelThrough Parallel Through Point pp, ptp
DrawCircle2P Circle - 2 Points c2, circle2
DrawCircle3P Circle - 3 Points c3, circle3
DrawCircleTan3 Tangential 3 Circles ct3, tan3


Action Tool Commands
ZoomRedraw Redraw zr, rg, regen, redraw
ZoomWindow Window Zoom zw
ZoomAuto Auto Zoom za
ZoomPan Zoom Panning zp
ZoomPrevious Previous View zv


Action Tool Commands
EditUndo Undo u, undo, oo
EditRedo Redo r, redo, uu
EditKillAllActions  ??? k, kill


Action Tool Commands
DimAligned Aligned da
DimLinear Linear dr
DimLinearHor Horizontal dh
DimLinearVer Vertical dv
DimLeader Leader ld


Action Tool Commands
ModifyTrim Trim tm, trim
ModifyTrim2 Trim Two t2, tm2
ModifyMove Move / Copy mv
ModifyBevel Bevel ch, fillet (bug)
ModifyMirror Mirror mi
ModifyRotate Rotate ro
ModifyScale Scale sz
ModifyStretch Stretch ss
ModifyDelete Deleted Selected er
BlocksExplode Explode xp
ModifyCut Divide di, div, cut
ModifyEntity Properties mp, prop
ModifyRound Fillet fi, fillet
ModifyAttributes Attributes ma, attr


Action Tool Commands
SnapFree Free Snap os, sf
SnapGrid Snap on Grid sg
SnapEndpoint Snap on Endpoints se
SnapIntersection Snap Intersection si
SnapCenter Snap Center sc
SnapMiddle Snap Middle sm
SnapOnEntity Snap on Entity np, sn
SnapDist Snap Distance sd
RestrictNothing Restrict Nothing rn
RestrictOrthogonal Restrict Orthogonal rr
RestrictHorizontal Restrict Horizontal rh
RestrictVertical Restrict Vertical rv
SetRelativeZero Set Relative Zero Position rz


Action Tool Commands
DeselectAll Deselect All tn
SelectAll Select All sa


Action Tool Commands
InfoDist Distance Point to Point dpp, dist
InfoAngle Angle Between Two Lines ang, angle
InfoArea Polygonal Area ar, area


ToolRegenerateDimensions dimregen


You can learn about the commands and the command line at:

Developers (and the curious) can find the commands in librecad/src/cmd/rs_commands.cpp

Command Alias File

You can define command aliases by changing the alias configuration file and restarting LibreCAD.


  • C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\LibreCAD\librecad.alias


  • $HOME/Library/Application Support/LibreCAD/librecad.alias


  • $HOME/.local/share/data/LibreCAD/librecad.alias