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Contributors do the real work around here and write, test and maintain documentation. On this wiki "Documentation" does not just mean the manuals, it also encompasses articles on all sorts of topics that are important for a LibreCAD user. Simple concepts such as file saving, splines, the coordinate system and even Qt4 are important to document because they affect the way that people think about and therefore use LibreCAD.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor please start contributing. There is no special requirement to begin contributing to the LibreCAD Wiki (though account creation is strongly encouraged). The process is painless and fun. Whether you are a beginner or a long-time CAD professional, we need your input!

You may wonder "but what does a CAD beginner have to offer a serious engineering software project like LibreCAD?" Well, consider that you are the one who has beginners' eyes, which means you are the one for whom documentation is the most important. If an article does not make sense to you, perhaps it involves specific topics which have not been laid out in sufficient detail (or treated at all) because old CAD users never thought to need documenting them. Without beginner input we can never know about these things, and if we don't know to address them, you can't learn from the documentation. Beginner input is the most critical factor in developing a complete set of topic articles to compliment the main program documentation and Users' Guide.