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Editors! Yes!

While lots of folks may have a lot to say about how to use LibreCAD, how the math behind CAD systems works, the design process, etc. not everybody pays much attention to their grammar or spelling (and the best of us make mistakes at times anyway). LibreCAD is also a very international project, so language mistakes must be taken lightly and corrected in ways that leave the meaning clear to non-native English speakers. This means we need editors.

Gardeners? Yes, that too.

Most people think hard about the specific article or page they are writing on, but most people don't think very hard about how the information they are putting out fits together with other information across the wiki. That means we need gardeners. A gardener's job is a lot like an editor, but while wiki editing is focused on what is in the page, wiki gardening is focused on how the pages are arranged -- not just to make the information more presentable and better organized, but also to better encourage further editing. An easy to understand wiki is a wiki that is easy and comfortable to contribute to.


  • Editors = Grammar Nazis. We need them.
  • Gardeners = Information Architects and Wiki Usability Planners. We need them just as much, if not more.