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As of version 2.1.3, LibreCAD comes with 47 fonts of type *.lff. They are stored in the local directory C:\Program Files (x86)\LibreCAD\resources\fonts\... on Windows installs. The font files can also be found at the at the LibreCAD GitHub repository.

LibreCAD 2.1.3 fonts in PNG format

Example Files for Download

  1. dxf with all 2.1.3 fonts used (ZIP format)
  2. pdf version of dxf with all 2.1.3 fonts used (ZIP format)
  3. png version of dxf with all 2.1.3 fonts used, 3308×2338

Font Issues

  1. Heavy font use (such as in the dxf referenced above) seems to slow down LibreCAD.

Font List

Font Name Font File Font Type Technical / Single Line
amiri-regular.lff Serif
azomix.lff Sans Serif X
azomix_i.lff Sans Serif X
cursive.lff Sans Serif X
cyrillic_ii.lff Sans Serif X
gothgbt.lff Blackletter / Gothic
gothgrt.lff Blackletter / Gothic
gothitt.lff Blackletter / Gothic
greek_ol.lff Greek Lettering
greekc.lff Greek Lettering
greekcs.lff Greek Lettering
greekp.lff Greek Lettering X
greeks.lff Greek Lettering X
iso.lff Sans Serif X
iso3098.lff Sans Serif X
iso3098_i.lff Sans Serif X
italicc.lff Serif
italiccs.lff Serif
italict.lff Serif
kochigothic.lff Sans Serif
kochimincho.lff Serif
kst32b.lff Sans Serif X
lc_opengost-ar.lff Sans Serif X
lc_opengost-br.lff Sans Serif X
OpenGostTypeA-Regular.lff Sans Serif X
OpenGostTypeB-Regular.lff Sans Serif X
romanc.lff Serif
romancs.lff Serif
romand.lff Sans Serif
romanp.lff Serif
romans.lff Sans Serif X
romansi.lff Sans Serif X
romant.lff Serif
scriptc.lff Formal Script
scripts.lff Formal Script
simplex.lff Sans Serif X
standard.lff Sans Serif X
syastro.lff Symbol
symap.lff Symbol
symath.lff Symbol
symbol.lff Symbol
symbol_misc1.lff Symbol
symbol_misc2.lff Symbol
symeteo.lff Symbol
symusic.lff Symbol
unicode.lff Sans Serif X
wqy-unicode.lff Sans Serif