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LibreCAD has been part of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) for many years. This page helps students get involved, and links to previous years' information.

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Below is a checklist to help students get set up quickly. Items are categorized to help you prepare your application, get set up to work, and become familiarized with basic infrastructure.

There are some steps you as a student have to take to participate in GSoC. These are listed below to help you quickly understand what GSoC is about, what project ideas there are, and how to get involved.

  • Please checkout our project! See this year's project ideas page. If you don't see a nice project, but you do like LibreCAD and have a nice idea you might want to implement, then let us know!
  • Introduce yourself to us: join the IRC channel ( or Zulip, email us, whatever — but do get in contact!
  • Begin your application (see our guidelines).
  • Discuss and share your project details, the sooner the better. The sooner you know what you want, the better it is for the mentors. If you have question, don't hesitate to ask — we love feedback.
  • You are sure you want to work with us? Great! Go to your Summer of Code Dashboard and Submit your application.
  • Make a useful patch for us, show us your skills and surprise us! It's not really required, but it would help us greatly to understand what sort of person and developer you are. You might not be the only one submitting for LibreCAD and we have limited slots.

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