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HowTos and Guides

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Content added to LibreCAD_users_Manual.

Please add updates there as well!

New Features in 2.0 Series

Help Layer

A "Help Layer" is designed to hold geometry construction lines:

A HelpLayer won't appear on printout;

All straight lines of a HelpLayer are infinite in length.

To set/unset the help layer flag of a layer, use the layer edit dialog (Main Menu: Layer -> Edit Layer), or the printer icon before the layer name in layer widget showing the list of layers.

Layer Settings.png


Lessons in using LibreCAD for knitting patterns

LibreCAD user Harry Guetter umbauwfb has authored some lessons about using LibreCAD for drawing knitting patterns.

These lessons may also be useful in learning how to use LibreCAD for other purposes.

The lessons are in PDF format and because they are to big for the Wiki, please find them in Harry's Box.com area.