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LibreCAD 3 - Plugin creation

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This is a quick guide on how to create a LibreCAD 3 plugin with the example of the rectangle plugin.

Plugin executions mode

Plugin in GUI mode

In this mode, the LC_interface variable is set to "gui". You can :

  • Modify GUI (create toolbar, add buttons, ...)
  • Manage multiple documents
  • Manage interactions with custom entities
  • Create functions that can be used outside the plugin

Quick script (GUI)

In this mode, the LC_interface is not set (equals to nil).

You can:

  • Manage the active document (given by the document variable)
  • Manage interactions with custom entity

Plugin in command line mode

In this mode, the LC_interface is set to "cli".

You can:

  • Manage one document (given by the document variable)
  • Create function that can be used in the main script