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====''Modifying the visible aspects of LibreCAD''====
'''Resizing the drawing area'''
[show screenshot, highlight scroll bar borders]
The drawing area is basically an infinite two-dimensional space where the elements of the drawing are generated. The visible portion of the drawing area can be made larger or smaller by dragging the border to the right of the right scroll bar or the border below the bottom scroll bar. This effectively also changes the size of the displayed toolbars to the right and bottom of the drawing area.
'''Docking and undocking toolbars'''
[show screenshot, highlight a toolbar grip]
Each toolbar has a small grip at one end which can be used to move the toolbar or dock/undock it. Also, if you right-click on any toolbar, the shortcut menu lets you select which toolbars are currently visible.
====''Modifying your preferences for the entire application''====
'''"Appearance" tab'''
'''"Paths" tab'''
'''"Defaults" tab'''
====''Modifying your preferences for the current drawing''====
'''"Paper" tab'''
'''"Units" tab'''
'''"Grid" tab'''
'''"Dimensions" tab'''
'''"Splines" tab'''
==''Creating your own Template''==
==''Creating your own Template''==

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Getting started
How to get LibreCAD
Starting LibreCAD
LibreCAD Screen
Customizing LibreCAD

Creating your own Template

How to save

Starting to draw (Creating Entities)

Exercise 1 Snapping along with Lines

Exercise 2 Adding some layers

Exercise 3 Changing things

Exercise 4 Adding details

Exercise 5 Creating and using Blocks

Exercise 6 How to print