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LibreCAD v1 Users' Manual

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Welcome to the LibreCAD user manual/wiki. LibreCAD, if you don't already know, is a free Open Source CAD application for Windows, Apple and Linux. This software can be used by professional, intermediate and amateur CAD users. This user's guide will present detailed information regarding the use of LibreCAD. This documentation assumes that you have LibreCAD installed on your system. It is also assumes that you are familiar with the interface and features of your operating system (OS). If you are not familiar with certain aspects of your operating system, then refer to the OS documentation for help. This manual will document the default LibreCAD menus and features.

This wiki is currently a work in progress. To get a feel for what is expected to be in this manual, take a look at the sections in italics below. Eventually, this manual will will serve as a reference for people just starting to use LibreCAD. With some extra effort, this manual could be useful for both new and experienced users. For now, all that is finished is brief introduction. So, check back soon and know that your feedback and comments regarding this manual are welcome and needed.

Sample CAD Drawings using LibreCAD

A short manual for use from the command line