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[[LibreCAD 3 - Whats done and whats not]]
[[LibreCAD 3 - Whats done and whats not]]
[[LibreCAD 3 - Document operations]]
Libraries we can consider:
Libraries we can consider:

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LibreCAD 3 - kernel design

LibreCAD 3 - Lua Scripting

LibreCAD 3 - LibreCAD 3 - TODOs

LibreCAD 3 - LibreCAD 3 - code style

LibreCAD 3 - Whats done and whats not

LibreCAD 3 - Document operations

Libraries we can consider:


Interesting websites:

http://seant23.wordpress.com/2010/11/12/offset-bezier-curves/ Offset curve generation

https://github.com/auriamg/macdylibbundler/ deployment of OSX/ dynlib libraries