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LibreCAD Wiki is the drawing board for LibreCAD documentation. Existing documentation will periodically be aggregated and organized into a coherent manual suitable for publication. Hopefully the documentation release cycle will parallel the software major release cycle, but this is unlikely to always be the case (like most open source projects we're doing this in our spare time and without sponsorship). Areas of needed documentation which are not of particularly high quality may be defined as a "beat" (similar to the Fedora documentation process) and assigned to a dedicated maintainer/writer. The pre-publication process is currently rather informal, but as the size and complexity of the task grows we will shift to a slightly more organized process of pre-publication, approval and publication.

You can request a wiki account on our forum or on IRC at freenode.net.

For information about how to use this wiki software (MediaWiki), please see the following:

Help Wanted

What belongs here

  • Well thought out content
  • Clear writing
(When in doubt, post it -- you should be able to tell when something is too rotten to publish.)
  • Tutorials and HowTo's
  • Niche topic articles that cover a specific concept or subject that doesn't fit well in the main Guides
  • Constructive criticism, suggestions, etc. related specifically to LibreCAD documentation
(Discussions about the software itself should be redirected to the librecad.org forums, the user or dev mailinglists or the IRC channel.)
  • Original content or content for which you are the copyright holder and are willing to make available here under the GNU FDL v1.3+

What does not belong here

  • Spurious or unthoughtful submissions/edits
  • Lazy writing
(That is: careless punctuation, overuse of regionalized slang, profanity, etc.)
  • Spam, personal promotions, and anything else not directly related to LibreCAD use or development
(External links to useful but off-topic information are welcome.)
  • Flames
  • Copyrighted content that you do not hold the rights to, and that is not compatible with the GNU Free Documentation License

Current rules

Four rules and one restriction apply here:


  1. Don't be mean or evil
  2. Don't contribute copyrighted content for which you are not the copyright holder
  3. There is no rule 3
  4. Documentation here is all GNU FDL 1.3+


  • Account creation is required prior to editing. This does not stop spam bots entirely, however, and if the spam problems become unbearable then we'll have to resort to more irritating means of wiki maintenance once again.