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Plug Entity class

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Plug_Entity Class Reference

Wrapper for acces entities from plugins.

Wrapper class for create, access and modify entities from plugins. <p>TODO: terminate access function -> getData()

implementation of modify function -> modData()

implementation of create function -> createData()

#include <document_interface.h</a>>

Public Member Functions

virtual<a href="#a7186c81063debb130e4eb2a6819f66ec">~Plug_Entity</a> ()
virtual void<a href="#a3e2acf80beecc81e0e7596bf782b869a">getData</a> (QHash< int, QVariant > *data)=0
Obtain the entity data. <a href="#a3e2acf80beecc81e0e7596bf782b869a"></a>
virtual void<a href="#a83b1ec84b81854d4fb8099d95930397b">move</a> (QPointF offset)=0
Move the entity.
virtual void<a href="#a2a4a27a59029c7c43f6ee7750db1d4af">rotate</a> (QPointF center, double angle)=0
rotate the entity.
virtual void<a href="#a93f8d76ad98f7f5b0f24f111681c31a4">scale</a> (QPointF center, QPointF factor)=0
Scale the entity.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual Plug_Entity::~Plug_Entity ( ) [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Plug_Entity::getData ( QHash< int, QVariant > *  data) [pure virtual]

Obtain the entity data.


datapointer to a QHash<int, QVariant> to store the entity data.

virtual void Plug_Entity::move ( QPointF  offset) [pure virtual]

Move the entity.


offsetmove the entity by the given QPointF.

virtual void Plug_Entity::rotate </td>

         <td class="paramtype">QPointF </td>
         <td class="paramname">center, </td>
         <td class="paramkey"></td>
         <td class="paramtype">double </td>
         <td class="paramname">angle </td>
         <td></td><td> [pure virtual]</td>

rotate the entity.


centercenter of rotation.
angleangle to rotate.

virtual void Plug_Entity::scale ( QPointF  center,
QPointF  factor 
) [pure virtual]

Scale the entity.


centerbase point for scale.
factorscale factor.