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Relative Zero

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The the location of the "relative zero position" is indicated by Relative zero.png in the drawing area.

The relative zero position will be set automatically when you create a new point.
You can use "Set Relative Zero" to set it's location without creating a point.
"Lock Relative Zero" will prevent it from automatically changing.

The relative zero position gives the job of vector addition to the program. So if we create a point at 10,20 and want the next point at vector 30,40 from the last point we can use the @ symbol in the command line and enter @30,40. The alternative would be doing the math and entering 40,60.

There is another command line use case: you want to create a point 50 units from the relative zero and turned 60 degrees around it. Again we use the @ symbol and input @50<60

Mode Info
Set Relative Zero
After pressing the icon, you can set the relative zero position the same way you would create a point.
Lock Relative Zero
After pressing the icon, the relative zero position will not change when creating new points.

Selection 030.png

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