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Mode Info
Free Snap
Allows for the crosshair to move freely while other snap modes are enabled. Commands: os, sf
Snap Grid
Snap to a grid intersection. Command: sg
Snap Endpoints
Snap to the endpoints of a line segment, or the quadrants of a circle. Command: se
Snap on Entity
Snap to the path of an entity. Commands: np, sn
Snap Center
Snap to the center of a circle or ellipse. It will also snap to the foci of an ellipse. Command: sc
Snap Middle
Snap to the middle of a path. Enabling this mode displays a "Middle points" input. If you change the value to 2 then you can snap to the trisection points of a line segment. Command: sm
Snap Distance
If you snap to the endpoint of a line segment then activate 'snap distance' and input 50, then it will snap to a point 50 units from the endpoint on the line segment. However, it will also snap to a point that is 50 units from the other endpoint. Command: sd
Snap Intersection
Snap to the intersection of two entities. This does not currently work for polylines. Command: si

Action Tool Commands
RestrictNothing Restrict Nothing rn
RestrictOrthogonal Restrict Orthogonal rr
RestrictHorizontal Restrict Horizontal rh
RestrictVertical Restrict Vertical rv