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The snap tools are available from the main menubar option 'Snap'.

Selection 038.png

There is also the 'Snap Selection' toolbar.

Selection 037.png

1. Snap on grid.

2. Snap on endpoints.

3. Snap on entity.

4. Snap center.

5. Snap middle.

6. Snap distance.

7. Snap intersection.

8. Restrict horizontal.

9. Restrict vertical.

10. Set relative zero position.

11. Lock relative zero position.

Selection 039.png


Action Tool Commands
SnapFree Free Snap os, sf
SnapGrid Snap on Grid sg
SnapEndpoint Snap on Endpoints se
SnapIntersection Snap Intersection si
SnapCenter Snap Center sc
SnapMiddle Snap Middle sm
SnapOnEntity Snap on Entity np, sn
SnapDist Snap Distance sd
RestrictNothing Restrict Nothing rn
RestrictOrthogonal Restrict Orthogonal rr
RestrictHorizontal Restrict Horizontal rh
RestrictVertical Restrict Vertical rv