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Mode Info
Free Snap
Allows for the crosshair to move freely while other snap modes are enabled. Commands: os, sf
Snap Grid
Snap to a grid intersection. Command: sg
Snap Endpoints
Snap to the endpoints of a line segment, the quadrants of a circle, a point, or the alignment point of a text or mtext object. Command: se
Snap on Entity
Snap to the path of an entity. Commands: np, sn
Snap Center
Snap to the center of a circle or ellipse. It will also snap to the foci of an ellipse. Command: sc
Snap Middle
Snap to the middle of a path. Enabling this mode displays a "Middle points" input. If you change the value to 2 then you can snap to the trisection points of a line segment. Command: sm
Snap Distance
If you snap to the endpoint of a line segment then activate 'snap distance' and input 50, then it will snap to a point 50 units from the endpoint on the line segment. However, it will also snap to a point that is 50 units from the other endpoint. Command: sd
Snap Intersection
Snap to the intersection of two entities. This does not currently work for polylines. Command: si
Exclusive Snap Mode
On: only one snap mode is allowed Off: multiple snap modes are allowed The snap modes are remembered in each state.

Action Tool Commands
RestrictNothing Restrict Nothing rn
RestrictOrthogonal Restrict Orthogonal rr
RestrictHorizontal Restrict Horizontal rh
RestrictVertical Restrict Vertical rv