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We just need plain text descriptions that answer the question "What does this tool do?"

Purpose: Provide a short description of the items listed on the Tools menu.

if all that is added is a basic description of what the tool can be used for, and the formatting is simple and consistent, then a script could be written to integrate the descriptions into the program via

(Ravas, 27-May-17)

  • This is not the purpose, but an idea I had. I will not be writing that script; and it is unlikely that someone else will. Other work would also be required. The purpose of this page is to create a simple list of tool descriptions. Ravas (talk) 19:26, 2 June 2017 (SAST)
  • It is the purpose for this wiki page. Someone will do the other work and write the script. (Gary S)

Format: "Menu Item" ["Objectname"]: "Simple description.", where

  - "Menu Item" is as it appears on the menu (there are some exceptions in what I've put on the wiki as there is inconsistence in the menus).
  - "Objectname", enclosed in { }, is the name of the object that is called.
  - a full-colon delimiter (: )
  - a one (or two if necessary) line description would be best.
  • Changed [ ] to { } for object name as [ ] is used to identify keyboard keys.

Snap modes

Snap modes aren't tools. They have their own page. Ravas (talk) 18:53, 2 June 2017 (SAST)

  • As with the Tools menu, descriptions would be useful for the snaps too (Gary S)


Tools are what you find in the "tools" menu. Please start a separate page for everything in the "Other" section. Ravas (talk) 13:21, 2 June 2017 (EDT)


If you want to create a more complete list of descriptions and include other information, my first thought would be an "Actions" page.

Ravas (talk) 23:01, 2 June 2017 (SAST)

Menubar, etc.

  • I've started another page to describe what is available in the default menubar. I'll add another one or two page in the future for Dockwidgets, etc... (Gary S)