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User:Joe OConnor

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I am a Professional Surveyor and Mapper in the State of Florida. I obtained my License # 4562 in 1988. I am a graduate of the University of Indianapole (Formerly Indiana Central Collete) in 1974. I am quite passionate about education. I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in History. I tought for a year may two, when I desided to move to Florida and try out my first major Engineering. I have been in Survey Engineering ever since 1978.

I continued my education at various schools in the Palm Beach County, Florida area.

I am currently on Social Security Disabiliy Insurance, which has been a God sent. I did much work in Geometry in my years of Surveying.

Born in Rockaway Beach Queens, in New York City, I am a city person. Palm Beach County is very urbanized at this time, not so much when I moved here. I have worked with various Engineering and Survey Firms through out my life. I have enjoyed the journey.

Best Wishes to those path I pass.