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After two years of University studies in Mathematics/Physics I realized I was not in a proper place for me.

I became stage manager in a small theatre in Montreal, then audioman, then Tour Manager for Quebec and French artists, then booking agent.

At the same time I learned Basic on my Radio Shack 16k computer and then I spent two years writing a multi-user accounting system in C under Unix. This system ran like a charm until the day came when 8" diskettes were no longer available (this was 30 years ago).

After my years in the show business industry I became promoter for Motocross races and spent 35 years running the "SuperMotocross" race at the Montreal Olympic stadium, wich was one of the biggest supercross races in America, if you know what I am talking about. I also worked as a Television production manager.

Now I am 68, retired, and I have plenty of free time. I have never lost my interest for computers and specially computer programming.

My mother tongue is French, and my English is not so bad. I can translate and write in both languages.

I consider the fact that I am new to LibreCAD as a plus, because I do remember vividly what information I found missing in the users manual. If I can help, I am ready!