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feedback and writing wiki content.
feedback and writing wiki content.
You can contact me at the [http://forum.librecad.org/template/NamlServlet.jtp?macro=user_nodes&user=339607|forum].
You can contact me at the [http://forum.librecad.org/template/NamlServlet.jtp?macro=user_nodes&user=339607 forum].
[[Special:Contributions/Ravas|- wiki contributions -]]
[[Special:Contributions/Ravas|- wiki contributions -]]

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I'm searching for the proper tool for geometric construction and exploration. I have about three years of experience programming with Python, in which I developed a personal standard of minimalism. By analogy, most software today is like a "swiss army hammer", lots of features but heavy and hard to swing. Just give me a hammer and I'll get the other tools if I need them.

I have used Geogebra, CarMetal, Autocad, InkScape and Illustrator; and LibreCad, by my standards, is superior software for geometric construction.

I would like to help this project with suggestions, feedback and writing wiki content.

You can contact me at the forum.

- wiki contributions -