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(Topic Pages)
(Topic Pages)
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*[[Math bits]]
*[[Math bits]]
*[[API & Development]]
*[[API & Development]]
*[[HowTos and Guides]]
<!-- *[[HowTos and Guides]] : content moved to "LibreCAD users Manual" -->
*[[LibreCAD users Manual]]
*[[LibreCAD users Manual]]
*[[Resource Links]]
*[[Resource Links]]

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Welcome to the LibreCAD Wiki.

This is the community site which provides semi-static documentation for LibreCAD users and developers. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike.

If you wish you get involved with this documentation effort, please visit the LibreCAD Wiki:Community portal page. If you wish you get involved in development directly, head over to our GitHub repo and get started!

If you think you've found a bug or have an idea for an improvement head over to the LibreCAD Tracker on Sourceforge.

Topic Pages

Versioned Documentation

Documentation Under Development

Things We Need

  • Help Wanted. We welcome Open Source Developers to join us, to improve this free drawing tool in exciting fields such as:
    • Help building LibreCAD wiki. Because LibreCAD doesn't have a user manual yet, please contribute to user wiki based on your knowledge accumulated. If you have figured out a feature in LibreCAD, please add to our wiki to help other users. Due to spam, auto-account creation is disabled. Please feel free to contact us by irc or forum to set up your account.
    • Implement more command line support for actions. Currently, there are many actions there without command line support, we need to complete this part of implementation and add the relevant documents.
    • Add support for native text based on Qt fonts. Right now, only stick fonts are supported. When the usage doesn't require stick fonts, native Qt fonts should be used for better multi-language support and efficiency
    • Implement a new and robust hatch generating algorithm
    • The current spline implementation is not efficient, we would like to replace it with a better spline implementation and add both spline and Bezier support as well, see Bezier
    • We have implemented new math support for hyperbola and parabola. Implementation support for hyperbola/parabola entities would make LibreCAD capable of doing all conic sections.
    • Feature tweaking and bug fixing for printing/painter
    • refactor header files to speed up the building process, support for pch headers
    • Document writers to help building wiki and user manuals
    • Artists to create icon themes and GUI layout
    • Add support for macports and Windows 8
    • Quality Assurance, bug hunting
    • Please visit our feature request tracker on sf.net for more information: feature requests

If you are interested in starting your open source development for LibreCAD, please feel free to leave your messages in irc/forum.