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LibreCAD Users Manual

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This is the current LibreCAD Users' Manual. Its aim is to describe the way that the LibreCAD software works from a user's perspective. This manual is divided into 2 Sections: Section 1 -" Introductory CAD Concepts and Uses" and section 2 - "The Command and Feature Reference". Most new CAD users who are just looking to get a single project completed and don't need to work every day in a CAD application only need a quick 'hop through' Section 1, Section 2 is a bit more technical in nature and discusses the details of how tools work and some of the underlying mechanism as well.

Section 1: Introductory CAD Concepts and Uses

  1. What is CAD
  2. The face of LibreCAD
  3. Putting lines down
  4. Making objects out of lines
  5. Using objects to do real work
  6. Getting precise about location
  7. Getting precise about shapes
  8. How to represent 3D objects in a 2D schematic
  9. How do I...

Section 2: Command and Feature Reference

  1. Commands and tools
  2. Commands and tools - using the command line
  3. Feature descriptions
  4. Environment options and variables
  5. Scripting in LibreCAD
  6. Known bugs, issues, and applicable workarounds