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Welcome to the LibreCAD Wiki.

This is the community site which provides semi-static documentation for LibreCAD users and developers. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike.

If you wish you get involved with this documentation effort, please visit the LibreCAD Wiki:Community portal page. If you wish you get involved in development directly, head over to our GitHub repo and get started!

If you think you've found a bug or have an idea for an improvement head over to the LibreCAD Tracker on Sourceforge.

Topic Pages

Versioned Documentation

Documentation Under Development

Things We Need

  • Help Wanted
    • Implement hash with ellipse border and implement a robust hash generating algorithm
    • The current spline implementation is not efficient, we would like to replace it with a better spline implementation and add Bezier support as well, see Bezier
    • Feature tweaking and bug fixing for printing/painter
    • Help putting together hyperbola and parabola entity types
    • Document writers to help building wiki and user manuals
    • Artists to create icon themes and GUI layout
    • Quality Assurance, bug hunting
  • Contributors
  • Editors
  • A MediaWiki theme that fits a little more neatly with the LibreCAD website (would be nice, anyway)