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This page contains news that might be of interest to the LibreCAD community. The most recent news is found at the top.
Note that these changes will probably only be available in nightly builds or by building from source.



  • version 2.1.1 released (info)


  • version 2.1.0 released (info)



  • version 2.0.8 released (info)


  • color option for selection in layer list / block list
  • color selector for options in Edit → Application Preferences
  • plot equation: added options for entity types (commit)
  • plugin: added addPolyline() api (commit)


  • new dimensions tab in Edit → Current Drawing Preferences (image)
  • MakerCAM SVG export supports splines (commit)
  • selected command line output is copied when the left mouse button is released (commit)
  • cal sin(45d) converts to cal sin(45*pi/180) (commit)
  • commands added for 21 actions (info)
  • Drag and Drop support for DXF files
  • Circle → Tangential 3 Circles: has been improved to support most cases (including two concentric circles and a secant line)


  • added a new way to make copies of objects (info)
  • crash fix - Spline (issue)
  • crash fix - Tangential 2 Circles, 1 Point (commit)
  • added Application Preferences → Defaults → Modify layer of selected entities, at layer activation (commit)
  • Windows users can expect more frequent Nightly builds (source)
  • restrict orthogonal was added to the snap toolbar (commit)
  • command line calculator precision upgraded to 12 (commit)
  • snap commands now toggle the snap toolbar icons (commit)
  • crash fix - free hand line (commit)
  • crash fix - draw ellipse by center and three points (commit)
  • increased precision of the distance point to point tool (commit)
  • added the ability to read DWG files
  • added "Export as MakerCAM SVG"
  • Windows users can build LibreCAD in Qt Creator (commit)