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Tutorials provide step by step examples on how to create drawings for a specific purpose. Tutorials supplement the user manual (link to follow as it is currently being updated). A tutorial doesn’t require a full understanding of the commands used, but provides sufficient detail to allow the user to complete the drawing.

  e.g. Drawing a carport truss or a circuit board

Feel free to add a link, whether it within this wiki, a video hosted elsewhere or other, to your tutorial along with a brief description. Also please make a note of the version of LibreCAD used.

Wiki Tutorials

Starting_to_draw: This page presents a simple sequence of creating a basic drawing, from a blank document to a printed design. It assumes that you have installed LibreCAD and have opened it to a new default blank drawing. It introduces quite a few LibreCAD concepts, and links to other pages that explain these. (v2.2.0)

Spline tutorial 1: This tutorial has been written in order to give a piece of advice in using the splines command and its options. I personally do not use splines, because I never had to, yet here I am in order to clear some doubt, at least I hope so; in this tutorial will be used the 2.0.3 version of LibreCad.

This is in a certain way, a simple topic, so, to whom that never used LibreCAD I suggest to get familiar with the basic commands, like “draw points, draw lines, draw polylines, move/copy”.

Spline tutorial 2: Part 2 of Spline tutorial


YouTube Video Playlist: Multiple YouTube video tutorials.

YouTube Video: Topics include how to configure the interface to make 3D pieces using our drawings in LibreCAD , how to make personalized hash, and how to add new fonts to our drawings. (Spanish)